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Re: Internic hosage (fwd)

  • From: Rich Sena
  • Date: Thu Mar 26 12:43:29 1998

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:

> Ah. Only girls with lowcut blouses and short skirts are raped. Since I
> don't wear lowcut blouses or short skirts, I have nothing to worry about,
> and shouldn't be concerned. Rape is OK, since it only happens to the sleazy
> girls.  Uh Huh. When can I screw the interns?  Say, you aren't hosting any
> porn or uncensored webcams are you?  Boy, I think they're sick.  Lets make
> sure we disconnect the entire lot, and any ISP/NSP who refuses to cooperate
> we'll just DoS them until they are pounded to dirt, like AGIS.   Hey look,
> I think they are irresponsible. I'm justified in harassing them and
> publishing false routes etc. Right?
> I expect some kind of gaussian distribution of harassment develops where
> everyone gets harassed by some lunatic, and can't do anything about it.
> Eventually, somebody mails a bomb. To me? To you? To some kid in Vermont?
> You're smarter than that. I think.  Besides, I react badly to coercion.  So
> do most people.  Thats why we need laws.  Sensible ones at that.

What type of crack are you on Dean? Your analogy is a mockery of the whole
discussion <if there still needs to be one>.  It's more akin to your dog
deficating on your neighbors lawn - it IS your neighbors lawn and it IS
your dog - 1st time comes the obligatory phone call "is this your sh*t"
but you deal with it,  2nd comes the shout over the fence "clean up your
sh*t" - but YOU still have to deal with it, FINALLY you pick up the object
and hurl it over the fence to your neighbor's picture window screaming
"EAT SH*T" - the only positive thing about the whole experience is that
you really learn that it's better to know your sh*t.

Whose responsibility is YOUR dog - and if you don't curb your dog, and I
have to, I will definately make sure you do not enjoy and want to
avoid the experience in the future.

As far as rape - you need to switch groups - the binaries are killin you -
try for a little relief

> Anyway, I don't think it is just spammers.  NOC's don't put terribly good
> information in whois because general public lusers will call them, instead
> of the help desk.   Most companies don't list off-hours numbers. etc.
> >Since you claim to be a "responsible" ISP this shouldn't be a problem for
> >you.  You HAVE been a responsible ISP, haven't you?  Or do you
> >knowlingly sponsor websites for spammers or send out spam yourself?
> Actually, unlike some who claim to be anti-spam, and then secretly host
> spammers, hoping no one will find out, I don't have any spam customers.
> And I don't have any customers who resell services. We aren't very big.
> But neither  will I filter, if we ever have ISP customers whose customers
> send spam.
> >Methinks he doth protesteth too much.
> I don't think I protest enough. Spam actually runs only 2% of email volume.
> Now, does anyone know how much of the total traffic is SMTP?   These
> alleged great pains caused by spam are, after 9 months of study and record
> keeping, truly smoke.  Buy some hardware. Find some people to run it.
> On the other hand, maybe I have been a bit hasty, and haven't considered
> every option.  Vix, will you put porn sites into the RBL? I'll tell you
> what, if you put any site I and a few others think is immoral into the RBL,
> I will drop my opposition and join the ranks of the antispammers, (whom we
> will also rename the moral majority, since Falwell abandoned that name)
> Also, we will have to get rid of all the sex groups on usenet, by not
> transmitting them on news servers, and pointing cancel bots at the groups.
> I'll even take the RBL myself, and I'll try to get others to, as well.  I
> will be as vocal and active in your support as I am in opposition. More so.
> If the anti-spammers do this, I'm a convert.
> 		--Dean
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