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Re: IP over SONET considered harmful?

  • From: Sean M. Doran
  • Date: Tue Mar 24 08:39:37 1998

| A more flexible 'knob' would be cool, something like combining the 'cos'
| bits in the labels with the decision to decremening or not. This will give
| the management station the power to 'trace' even the regular trace packet
| can't do.

No, no, no, no, no.  You are confusing TTL expiration with

You have a trade off between size of forwarding loop and
TTL decrement.  The longer it takes to decrement a TTL to 0
in a forwarding loop, the worse the loop's effects will be.

What you want -- and I think you are very strange for wanting it,
by the way, but I will supply you a solution anyway -- is a knob
that modifies the ICMP ttl exceeded message that is sent back
to the source.