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RE: Building a NOC

  • From: Rod Nayfield
  • Date: Mon Mar 23 17:03:27 1998

> Pocket protectors? Slide rules? Any other items nerd/engineers carry
> in their shirt pocket that falls out when they are head-first into the
> raised floor.

We've found socks and cigarette butts.  Needless to say the perp is no
longer with us :)

> Like most disasters, you may not be able to prevent flooding, but you
> can mitigate some of its affects.  Hit the E.P.O. and unfurl the plastic
> tarps you have stored & handy for just this emergency.

We also put drip pans which cover the entire ceiling over the data center -
we were burnt 2 years ago in a pre-war office building in NYC.  (avoid space
with wc's above!)  The pans drain outside of the machine room into a
high-traffic hallway (with a drain).  Any drips get noticed very quickly,
and we don't have to test the water alarm.