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Re: Internic hosage

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Mon Mar 23 15:14:13 1998

On Fri, Mar 20, 1998 at 02:12:40PM -0500, Dean Robb wrote:

> I forgot to mention that I've been in contact with Bode & Biddle as well;
> the firm sueing NSI over the registration fee.  Seems that NSI's stance
> (including email from NSI that specifically says they won't delete a domain
> unless they don't pay) fits in nicely with the argument that NSI is a
> "money-grubbing monopoly".

During a discussion with the InterNIC's David Holtzman, I brought up the
issue of false info on registrations. He said they were working on the

He didn't go into details, and I didn't ask for them.

Just an FYI.

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