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Re: THE END (was: Re: Internic hosage (fwd))

  • From: Dean Anderson
  • Date: Sun Mar 22 20:15:08 1998

>His assertion, that the interNIC ought to follow it's own published
>procedures and follow up on reports of bogus data, attempting
>correction, and in extremis, deleting such records, seems to stand on
>it's own.

That they should follow their procedures is obvious, and not in dispute.

But they didn't "follow up" in this case, or follow their procedures
either. After arguing with Mr. Robb, they Eric pragmatically decided that
no one was actually using the record and they would delete it.

Eric (from Internic) had no information other than Mr. Robbs blind and loud
assertions that the record was incorrect.  For all Eric or anyone knows, is about to be legitimately rehosted to  The only
person to offer contrary evidence is Dal who says he knows the owner of the
domain, but he isn't a listed contact either. Furthermore, he appears to
only have sent mail to Nanog, and not to Eric, at least, so far as I can

So Internic deleted a record on the word of someone who has no direct
connection with either the IP address or the domain name.  Not only that,
the person they trusted  doesn't even have a contact handle, and is not a
contact for any domain or host record.

I'm surprised you didn't follow that.


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