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Re: THE END (was: Re: Internic hosage (fwd))

  • From: Dean Anderson
  • Date: Sun Mar 22 19:32:54 1998

At 1:22 PM -0500 3/22/98, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>On Sat, Mar 21, 1998 at 08:46:38PM -0500, Dean Robb wrote:
>> My dear Mr. have an axe to grind, and fact/reality won't
>> sway you.  You also can't argue logically, as the above proves.  Since you
>> have proven yourself a fool, and I have no time for fools, I'll not respond
>> to any further silly things you want to say.  The questions posed are
>> rhetorical, left as an exercise for the reader in determining the validity
>> of your statements.
>Round one to Robb, on a TKO.

I concede that I have been outdone by Professor Robb. I am unable to
comprehend his logic, and my mail spool isn't large enough to contain his
rambling tirades.  I would respond point by insensible point to his mail,
but I have limited time.

Dr Robb (aka God) has the amazing ability to detect incorrect host records
from his planet by psychic intuition, and doesn't need to go through the
tedium of actually checking with people who are authoritative for a domain
or IP, like the rest of us, since he is authoritative.  This is not
something to be wasted or trifled with.  Indeed, one must demand that
Internic immediately delete the offending record, and then notify the
contacts.  In retrospect, I can see that simply sending mail to contacts at and is a waste of time for someone who is
authoritative.  I apologize for not realizing this sooner.

He is also right that the only explanation is that someone was out to
hijack using a newly discovered technique of adding
host records to another registry.   Previously, DNS experts thought that
this would have no effect, and was therefore on the same level as harmless
cruft.  The fact that did not actually appear to be effectively
hijacked was part of the clever disguise of the crime.  I must admit I did
not have the intellect to see through this deception. I am very grateful to
Dr. Robb for setting me straight.

Also quite clearly, there is absolutely no way this could have been done
accidentally. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought it might be
possible that just cut the wrong information into one of their own
host records. Luckily, we were saved by Professor Robbs fast action and
harsh words, in spite of ourselves.

I don't know how we can thank him. We should do something since he says he
has no time for himself.  (Selfless too!)

Perhaps we could give him his own Nic contact handle, so he can register
his own domain and host records.  Or at least so the Internic can more
quickly and efficiently implement his pronouncements on incorrect
registration information.

Also, why don't we just have the various registries get Dean Robb to
approve any changes to the database? This would save tremendous effort.


P.S. For a while, I was somewhat alarmed by the prospect of an angry
nutcase, but I am now persuaded that Dean Robb is in fact harmless.

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