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Re: What do we do with clueless ISPs

  • From: Fancy Feast
  • Date: Sat Mar 21 15:06:31 1998

What he means is that you should probably include Smurfette as a sample.


Sprintlink Network Operations
(ebo ebpxryy qvq vg.  v'z frevbhf!)  

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> I opened a trouble ticket with a major ISP in the USA about a Smurf
> originating at one of their customer nets targeted at me.  I gave them the
> URL about Smurfing just in case they never heard about it.
> This is the email I got after 8 hours from their NOC:
> >***Note #1     03-20-1998 08:51:05 GMT    Author: arsmith
> >
> >    More info. requested
> >
> >  Please send any samples along with the following info ASAP...
> >   1. Is it presently still going on ?
> >  2.  Was your site used as a launching point for attacks on other entities ?
> How does one send "samples" of a Smurf (I gave them the originating IPs,
> destination IP, time, frequency, pkt size, etc.)?  If this is how major ISPs
> handle Smurf storms, we can expect much more congestion.  It is as if the
> ISP NOCs assume Smurf is Spam!
> -Hank