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What do we do with clueless ISPs

  • From: Hank Nussbacher
  • Date: Sat Mar 21 14:19:39 1998

I opened a trouble ticket with a major ISP in the USA about a Smurf
originating at one of their customer nets targeted at me.  I gave them the
URL about Smurfing just in case they never heard about it.

This is the email I got after 8 hours from their NOC:

>***Note #1     03-20-1998 08:51:05 GMT    Author: arsmith
>    More info. requested
>  Please send any samples along with the following info ASAP...
>   1. Is it presently still going on ?
>  2.  Was your site used as a launching point for attacks on other entities ?

How does one send "samples" of a Smurf (I gave them the originating IPs,
destination IP, time, frequency, pkt size, etc.)?  If this is how major ISPs
handle Smurf storms, we can expect much more congestion.  It is as if the
ISP NOCs assume Smurf is Spam!