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Re: Internic hosage (fwd)

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Fri Mar 20 21:13:52 1998

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Alex Bligh wrote:

> > > However, the point has been completely missed here, Eric.  The point Dal
> > > was making is that FALSIFIED, LIED, FORGED, STOLE,
> > > MISAPPROPRIATED, and otherwise BS'd about their WhoIs entry: 
> I think the world is missing something (*). ".to" is the TLD registered to
> Tonga. They are doing a nice line in registering domain names thankyou.
> Internic/NSI's whois server is not authorative for them. 

Let's delve into the technical a bit, shall we? Host records are in place
so that authorization info can be associated with the hosts that are
registered as nameservers for a domain. One would expect that a host
registered with the Internic would at some point in time be listed as a
nameserver on an Internic domain name registration.

When a host is listed as a nameserver on an Internic domain name
registration, e.g., it is listed in the Internic zone, i.e. 
.com, as a glue record. If your nameserver happens to resolve
it will also learn the addresses from the glue records, thus if at some
later point in time one of your customers attempts to access your nameserver will deliver the address learned from
the glue record and will not query the domain nameserver.

I don't know whether these people actually did hijack the address of or whether they were just preparing to do so. And I
don't know whether more recent versions of BIND can ignore glue records
which would mean that they only partially hijacked the host name.

Of course the Internic web pages claim that a host record can only be
changed by the technical contact of the domain in question. Since they
have no record in their database of a technical contact for the
question is, why did they allow this info to be registered in the first

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