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Re: Internic hosage (fwd)

  • From: Dalvenjah FoxFire
  • Date: Fri Mar 20 15:02:00 1998

On Fri, Mar 20, 1998 at 01:45:56PM -0500, Dean Robb put this into my mailbox:
> However, the point has been completely missed here, Eric.  The point Dal
> was making is that FALSIFIED, LIED, FORGED, STOLE,
> MISAPPROPRIATED, and otherwise BS'd about their WhoIs entry: 
> So....four days ago, [side issue:  Why does a machine,
> "perhaps", have a host entry in WhoIs, but the domain, "" not?]
> updated their WhoIs record with a bunch of lies.  THAT is the point, and
> the problem.  What is NSI/InterNIC going to do about it, Eric? 

I wish to point out that I know the owner of the '' domain; he
had nothing to do with installing the WHOIS entry. Someone else evidently
decided it would be a good idea to falsify an InterNIC host record (for
god knows what reason) and submit it. is a personal domain,
not a haven for spammers or anything of the sort.

My point in bringing this up was to show how someone can basically submit
entirely bogus information to InterNIC, and they don't even have a simple
sanity check such as an 'nslookup <addr>' to confirm that the IPs match.
This should have at least triggered a flag and perhaps a mail to somebody.
It didn't, and is now in WHOIS, and quite probably the root nameserver
glue, as well. Woe betide my friend if he'd like to use that as a nameserver
for a domain of his someday.


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