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Re: New Mailing List... anyone?

  • From: jlixfeld
  • Date: Fri Mar 20 12:24:02 1998

The Toronto Internet Exchange would be more then happy to host this list.

Anyone else want to offer/object?

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Adam Rothschild wrote:

:As of late, I've given some serious thought to creating a new mailing
:list, titled "inet-complaints" or "inet-emergencies" (or some name that's
:better sounding but indicates the same topic :)...
:As the name suggests, this would be a place to direct complaints about
:outages/providers/etc (when ordinary support channels fail)... and
:hopefully for qualified people to lurk and offer asisstance.  I for one
:could really benefit from such a list, and I'm sure many others could, as
:If anyone has organizational ideas, or would consider hosting the sucker,
:please let me know.


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