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Re: Internet Architecture Diagram - Comments Please

  • From: Dave Crocker
  • Date: Thu Mar 19 13:02:10 1998

At 06:16 PM 3/18/98 -0800, Dan Wing wrote:
>In article <[email protected][]>, [email protected] (Dean 
>Anderson) wrote:
>>There pretty clearly *are* routers in the diagram. Those would be those
>There would be routers around the firewall (or the firewall is a 

The diagram is one of the better examples of a mixed blessing I've seen in
awhile.  It is frankly and extraordinary and impressive piece of work both
in detail and packaging, cleverly taking advantage of the infinite page
length of the web.

Unfortunately it pretty much serializes into two dimensions an architecture
which is 3 dimensions.  I haven't a clue how to fix that.

The problem is that routers, vs. DNS servers vs. mail and web servers each
occupy a different layer.  In presenting the architecture as a serial
stream, it is difficult to get the sense of this layering.

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