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RE: Internet Architecture Diagram - Comments Please

  • From: Tony Hain
  • Date: Thu Mar 19 12:21:43 1998


 To be fair Russ was only asking for a sanity check from those who should
know the architecture. If his audience for the diagram were intended to be
Nanog, you would have a point, but it is clearly intended to impart the
smallest amount of clue to those with none. In that sense he has done well,
but he lost the architecture perspective at the end points.

Tony Hain
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		> >And it has no routers in the network diagrams.  What a
tremendous savings!
		> ??? - huh? Are we  looking at the same Diagram?

		No.  You are not looking at the DIAGRAM.

		> I do recognize that there are additional details that
could be added in
		> some places, but I am trying to follow a 90/10 rule in
order to fit the
		> diagram within the limits of a web page (and my limited
		> abilities)  

		When the 90/10 rule leaves routers out of internet
architecture, the posting
		does not belong on nanog.  I leave it to others to judge
where it might