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Re: Internet Architecture Diagram - Comments Please

  • From: Russ Haynal .
  • Date: Wed Mar 18 11:10:05 1998

At 06:34 AM 3/18/98 -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
>>( )

>And it has no routers in the network diagrams.  What a tremendous savings!

??? - huh? Are we  looking at the same Diagram?

Under "User's Communications Equipment": Item 8 = Routers
Under "ISP Backbone" : Diagram points to "Large Capacity Switches and Routers"
                     : Item 3 = routers

I do recognize that there are additional details that could be added in
some places, but I am trying to follow a 90/10 rule in order to fit the
diagram within the limits of a web page (and my limited artistic abilities)  

I've tried to segment "the Internet" diagram based on the function being
performed (i.e. local loop transport, content hosting, etc)  I have not yet
thought a better approach to try and provide a "big picture"  Believe me,
If I discovered an existing online resource that did this well, I would
just have linked to it for my Internet classes. Having not found such a
resource, I took it upon myself to go ahead and create one for my clients
(The rest of the Internet is free to use it as well)  

It is not clear to me where you see a deficiency WRT Routers - I remain
interested in specific suggestions to improve the page.  For example,
someone pointed out that I  mention ATM but not Sonet.