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Re: IP Generation program/devices

  • From: David J. Schmidt
  • Date: Wed Mar 18 02:34:39 1998

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Michael F Sullivan wrote:

> To do some load testing, we need a "tool" (h/w device and/or s/w) to generate 
> a programmable amount of IP traffic on a segment (say 32Mbps on a fast enet 
> segment or fddi ring) and a way to measure it (w/ hopefully something cheaper 
> than a sniffer). Anyone have suggestions on what to use?
> Thanks

For the high end try Netcom Systems SmartBits.

Their systems can hold various interface cards (from 10-20 per chasis) and
you can run up to 4 chassis in a stack.

We are using them to fully stress test our Gigabit Bridge/Router and I've
been running tests with 24 gigabit cards into our device and we're also
using their 10/100mb cards to test our 10/100mb cards.

The software can generate various IP frames from templates or you can use
a raw packet editor.

NOT cheap!  But it can generate and receive/trigger/count at full speed if
that's what you need.

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