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Internet Architecture Diagram - Comments Please

  • From: Russ Haynal .
  • Date: Tue Mar 17 13:42:17 1998

Hello all,

I have just completed my initial creation of an 
"Internet Architecture : Meta Diagram"
( )

My Intention with this page is to answer the Question:
 "What are the major pieces of the Internet, 
and who are the major players in each segment?"

I have created a "very tall diagram" with 8 sections, covering the
connection from a Users's PC -> local Loop -> ISP POP - > Backbones ->
online content -> etc.

In each section, I hope to mention most of the significant parts of the
architecture. I also link to the top couple of vendors in each category,
and then link to a more extensive list of vendors.

What I am looking for is a sanity check of the diagram, and most
importantly, your opinion as to who are the largest 3-4 vendors in each
section.  I recognize that the diagram is US-centric and contains some
leading edge components as well (LMDS, cable modems, etc)

I am continuing to refine the page, so any feedback you provide should be
incorporated almost immediately.  Thanks in advance.

Russ Haynal

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