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Re: Building a NOC

  • From: David A. Greer
  • Date: Mon Mar 16 16:50:17 1998


Skipping John's message for a minute with the number of small ISP's out
there it is actually forseeable that a book on starting an ISP might be
possible to a limited extent.
I would have welcomed such a book when I set up our internet gear (we would
qualify as a medium sized ISP in our own right.)

Now to get back to John's message, although there is some information out
there that could be read there are a number of questions that you should ask
yourself as far as scope of the project, number of sites, technical level at
the remote sites, do you need to monitor Sniffers and the like or just plain
Openview/Spectrum.  Also does this NOC have to monitor and dispatch repair
techs only or does it have to answer questions like how do I change my
password on the server in my office.

What about monitoring of the various servers in the enterprise?  Novell?
NT?  Unix flavors, etc.  Put all this together and the project manager in
charge better have done it before at least once, or else this would quickly
become a moneypit.

Another major consideration is how much money and floor space is available
for the NOC.  I have seen several companies under-estimate the floor space
needed and end up shoving stuff into corners to get it all into the
allocated space, or scrimping money because the budget didn't live up to the
pipe dreams of over eager planning personnel.

David Greer
Project Manager, Wide Area Telecommunications
General Nutrition Companies, Inc.
[email protected]
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