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Re: Buying b/w directly from undersea cable owners

  • From: Chrisy Luke
  • Date: Mon Mar 16 12:44:58 1998

Richard Almeida wrote (on Mar 15):
> instance (I think, Cantat3 backs up to Gemini and vice-versa) - I dont

As I understood it, Gemini has it's own redundant loop. It's two
cables across the pond to different cities at each end with land-cables
between the cities in the same country, all SDH'ed. If not, that was
certainly an option that I saw.

> And, also, the cable wont get repaired if its old and breaking (ie the
> cable has a life, assume 10-15 years)

The money you hand over is usually only for a lease of 25 years anyway.

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