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Re: Old NANOG (NSF Techs?) Meeting notes.

  • From: dave o'leary
  • Date: Sun Mar 15 19:48:18 1998

At 1:21 -0500 3/13/98, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
>I was just enjoying myself reading through the notes from previous NANOGs,
>and there is a reference in one:
>	"NANOG started as the NSFNET Regional Techs meeting in 1988. In
>	1994 during the privatization of the Internet, NANOG evolved from
>	the NSFNET Regional Techs meetings. The purpose of both groups was
>	to provide a forum for the exchange of information on the
>	operation of the Internet."
>So, my question is, are there any notes for the meetings from the Regional
>Techs meeting? Just curious.

I don't think there was ever anything formal.  I imagine a few folks could
dig around and come up with their personal notes.  Although as I think about
it, I kind of remember the Merit folks videotaping at least one of the
meetings in the north campus union building - but that was a large number
of all nighters ago so who knows how faulty my recollection might be.
(It was well before MBone days which started at the San Diego IETF I think).

>After reading these notes, we've come a *long* way.

Well, the meetings are certainly quite a bit larger now - like an order
of magnitude. (but that's slower growth than the Internet).  Some of the
challenges are the same, they just take a different form.  We were
certainly much more cooperative - not that there weren't regular
disagreements, but we certainly had a stronger sense of shared fate
since there wasn't overlap in geographical coverage (typically) and
we were facing pretty much the same issues across the board.