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Re: [nanog] Re: Q: IP Space Management Software

  • From: S.T.Balbach
  • Date: Fri Mar 13 00:04:18 1998

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Ron Johnson wrote:

> Oh, and a side note for the database flag bearers. 
> Databases, don't help much, as they tend to hide the view. Allocation of IP 
> space is akin to creation of jigsaw puzzles, that you received completed 
> intact and must cut to pieces and reassemble to look like the original with a 
> little loss as possible. Databases are great methods to make allocation 
> information available to others for digestion. But do little to aid in the 
> allocation process, like helping determine what size block is available for 
> specific customer.

bzzt. I designed a simple flat-file Dbase system that handles sub-net's
etc. very well. It automatically sends in SWIP's and other nifty things. 
Using a database is the way to go vs. paperless ledgers. 

It stores IP space in the smallest component /30's (that we allocate) and
then has a sub-net field to say what bigger block it is part of.  Just
change the sub-net field, the database structure doesnt change, views can
be constructuted based on the sub-net field value.

Unix Tools:

* usereyep views the database

explorer:[/homeb/stephen/doc] usereyep 
Usage: usereyep x.x.x.x       Search for IP in database
       usereyep -a            List first record for each block
       usereyep -u username   Search for username in database
       usereyep -f <netmask>  Show unused IP blocks <with given netmask>
       usereyep -d            Dump database, show all records

* editeyep edits the database

explorer:[/opt/staff/office/src] editeyep

   Usage: editeyep -a  username x.x.x.x   assign network
          editeyep -ac username x.x.x.x   assign network & edit comment
          editeyep -u  x.x.x.x            unassign network
          editeyep -c  x.x.x.x            edit comment field for a network
          editeyep -r  x.x.x.0            remove a full Class C network

* makeeyep loads new allocations into the database

explorer:[/opt/staff/office/src] makeeyep

   Usage: makeeyep x.x.x.0 [netmask]    Create new Class C IP
                                        (default netmask = 24)

I could make this stuff public but youll need Codebase which is a
commercial Dbase library for C to compile - if interested let me know.