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UUnet outage in San Diego

  • From: Josh Beck
  • Date: Thu Mar 12 23:42:07 1998

UUnet's San Diego POP has been having performance problems for three weeks
now and starting early yesterday things seriously got bad. There is
basically no usable connectivity out of San Diego, and UUnet doesn't even
have a ETA for a fix!

I apologize for using this forum, but if you are a UUnet customer in San
Diego and are having this problem, and would like to try to put pressure
on UUnet to fix it, please contact us ([email protected]) for contact
information for the people at UUnet we've been able to complain to, and
with any information or contact information you may have.

If someone from UUnet is reading this who thinks they may actually be able
to do something about getting it resolved in a timely manner (we certainly
haven't been able to find anyone, and we've spoken to a LOT of people),
please contact us or do something about this!

No matter what the issue is (we've heard about 9 different stories now
ranging from bad HSSI cards to "router problems" to "capacity problems"),
it is unacceptable that they've been deaf to trouble tickets this whole
time and even after they see their own network break don't know when
they'll be able to fix it. 

Josh Beck <[email protected]>              System Administrator
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