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RE: Question on filter-list config with peer goups

  • From: Steve James
  • Date: Thu Mar 12 13:03:05 1998


I believe its because you already have an outbound filter in place and the peer-group is only allowed a single uniform outbound filter set.

Sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong :-) . If you want to do this you'll need a seperate group :(

"Members of a peer group inherit all of the configuration options of the peer group. Peer group members can also be configured to override configuration options if the options do not affect outgoing updates. That is, you can only override options that are set for incoming updates."

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From:	Andrew Brown [SMTP:[email protected]]
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Subject:	Question on filter-list config with peer goups


WHen you have a peer configured in a peer group the peering session
policy is implemenated according to the peer group definition ie:

<bigger>neighbor testgroup peer-group

 neighbor testgroup remote-as 2493

 neighbor testgroup update-source Loopback0

 neighbor testgroup send-community

 neighbor testgroup version 4

 neighbor testgroup route-map mci-bbone out

 neighbor testgroup filter-list 70 out


<bigger>neighbor peer-group testgroup

neighbor 150.300.12.13 peer-group testgroup

Why is it that when I try to remove the filter-list statement out of the
peer group definition it gives me an error??  It appears you cannot
assign different filter-lists to individual

members of a peer-group.


 no neighbor testgroup filter-list 70 out = works OK

then ..

neighbor filter-list 70 out

produces this error

% Invalid command for a peer-group member

</bigger>I am trying to apply a different filter-list to different
members of the same peer group.

Can anyone offer their advice/experience

greatly appreciated - I am definitly stuck here!



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