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Question on filter-list config with peer goups

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Thu Mar 12 12:32:13 1998


WHen you have a peer configured in a peer group the peering session policy is implemenated according to the peer group definition ie:

neighbor testgroup peer-group
neighbor testgroup remote-as 2493
neighbor testgroup update-source Loopback0
neighbor testgroup send-community
neighbor testgroup version 4
neighbor testgroup route-map mci-bbone out
neighbor testgroup filter-list 70 out

neighbor peer-group testgroup
neighbor 150.300.12.13 peer-group testgroup

Why is it that when I try to remove the filter-list statement out of the peer group definition it gives me an error?? It appears you cannot assign different filter-lists to individual
members of a peer-group.


no neighbor testgroup filter-list 70 out = works OK

then ..

neighbor filter-list 70 out

produces this error

% Invalid command for a peer-group member

I am trying to apply a different filter-list to different members of the same peer group.

Can anyone offer their advice/experience

greatly appreciated - I am definitly stuck here!


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