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RE: ios images ?

  • From: jlixfeld
  • Date: Thu Mar 12 10:03:46 1998

Is 11.2(12)P even out yet?  I was talking to a Cisco rep, and he said it
wasn't out yet.  This was last week.  This is also for the 7206 platform.

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 [email protected] wrote:

:>On 7206's 11.(2)P is crash city so I wouldn't recommend it at all.  11.2(8)
:>seems to run into a few strange problems too which we haven't been able to 
:>figure out.  We are running 11.2(11)P on one 7206 without problems (so far).
:Upon its release, 11.2(11)P on a 7206 was so bad for us we had to back 
:out of it within minutes of installing it. Cpu was pegged at 99%.
:The source of that may have just been discovered yesterday in 11.2(12)P
:(and 11.2(11.3)P) and was probably happening in 11.2(11)P and earlier.
:SHO ALIGN showed millions of misaligned memory references. 
:The trace led to frame relay compression code.
:Even turning ALL F/R compression off still had the problem because
:the code path was still there until the next reload.
:This is now CSCds87720. The port with the problem is on a PA-8T.
:FWIW F/R compression runs well in 11.2(12)P on a 4700M.
:WFQ has also been a source of grief in recent 11.2 7200 code - just
:turn it off.
:And one can't go back far at all in 11.2 space with PA-2H Rev-B cards
:that are only just being supported.


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