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NetFlow Switching

  • From: David Papp
  • Date: Wed Mar 11 16:51:33 1998

I have been doing a lot of reading on NetFlow switching. It looks
extremely interesting and I would like to run it on my 7206 for
statistical purposes with respect to the nature of my traffic with
regards to originating/destination ASes.

>From what I understand, you need to run the FlowCollector which
appears to only be available for HPUX and Sun Solaris. And then you use
the FlowAnalyzer to look over the gathered data.

I don't have an HPUX or Solaris box sitting around, just a bunch of BSD
type systems (BSD/OS, Linux, FreeBSD, etc). Does anyone know if I can get
the FlowCollector for another OS type like that or if there is some
third party program that has been developed that will accept the NetFlow
stats from my router?


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