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Re: BGP Confederation config problem...

  • From: Andy McConnell
  • Date: Wed Mar 11 12:19:47 1998

On 10 Mar 1998, Richard Parker wrote:

richard_parker> Sigh... I'll try again.  Given my understanding of the
richard_parker> limitations and/or design considerations in Cisco's
richard_parker> implementation of BGP confederations that prohibit your
richard_parker> configuration from working as discussed so far... 
richard_parker> To be honest, even if this configuration works, it might well be
richard_parker> more trouble than it is worth.

I beleive it!  But, I'm in a "lab" evirnonment, so doing too much
work is our job :-)

Thanks a lot for you ideas... I'll give them a try!


Andy McConnell       アンディ マッコネル
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