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Re: ios images ?

  • From: Andy McConnell
  • Date: Wed Mar 11 12:10:57 1998

We're running 11.2(10a)P on 7206's without apparent errors. However, I am
trakcing (hunting?) a problem with one of them - after significant BGP
updates, it requires the main routing tabel to be cleared.  May be OK - it
might just be me :-)


Andy McConnell       アンディ マッコネル
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On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Stuart Bryant wrote:

stuartb> hi,
stuartb>    were looking at various ios images to use so we can standardise across
stuartb>   the network. were looking at ios version 11.2(9)P or 11.2(10)P
stuartb>    does anyone have any warstories to share about these ? good points/bad
stuartb>  points ? things i should be watch out for ?
stuartb>   regards,
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