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Re: ios images ?

  • From: Dustin Goodwin
  • Date: Wed Mar 11 11:50:38 1998

     11.2(12) or higher is suppose to go GD. 11.1 and 11.3 are in serious 
     question as far as ever reaching GD status. If you want full support 
     from Cisco TAC run a GD version and run the mainline. Don't run P 
     train or a none GD release. This will limit your in terms of hardware. 
     For instance the RSP4 is a 11.2P feature not 11.2 feature. That is the 
     safest most conservative position to take. Of course it is the least 
     fun in terms of new software features and new hardware. But no one 
     ever got fired for running a GD mainline release. 
     - Dustin -

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Subject: ios images ?
Author:  Stuart Bryant <[email protected]> at sb-entsmtp
Date:    3/11/98 9:53 AM

   were looking at various ios images to use so we can standardise across
  the network. were looking at ios version 11.2(9)P or 11.2(10)P
   does anyone have any warstories to share about these ? good points/bad
 points ? things i should be watch out for ?
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