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Update: Sprint Outage

  • From: Bownes, Robert M. (EXCH)
  • Date: Tue Mar 10 15:12:00 1998

Interesting that my last notice took ~2 hours to get to NANOG 
and back to me...

Anyway, an update. Looks like mostly voice traffic involved. Site (for 
those who didn't recognize it, like myself) of outage is in Florida.
I see some data traffic affected or demand for updates, I won't 
update this incident anymore.


>Sent: 	Tuesday, March 10, 1998 2:07 PM
>Subject: 	RE: Sprint Outage
>Sprint has started repair and many areas can call out 800 
>numbers again.  The outage is affecting any 800 numbers 
>having to route through the Sprint Orlando DMS 250 and the 
>calling areas between Jacksonville to Atlanta.  More to come.