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Re: BGP Confederation config problem...

  • From: MAEMURA Akinori
  • Date: Mon Mar 09 20:52:17 1998

  I agree with you, Andy.  I run bgp-confederation in my 
network with IGP divided into subASes.  Your situation is a
little bit different from mine without any iBGP sessions now.
But the problem is similar, AS path length is never 
considered in route selection.  I set MED statically.

  Thank you Avi and Andy for the information of "set metric
+/-[VALUE]" statement.  I'll try it.

  Route reflecter and confederation seem similar to each 
other to solve iBGP mesh problem, and nowaday reflecter is
preferred to confed.  But I think confederation is great
since it enables us to divide IGP into subASes.  And in such
a network configuration, it is natural that AS path length
is considered for the route selection.

  How do you like this idea, folks?

 : Andy McConnell <[email protected]> wrote as below
 : at Mon, 9 Mar 1998 08:57:29 -0800 (PST) ;
 :| But it isn't considered IBGP within the confederation.  The router makes a
 :| distinction between routes learned from an IBGP peer (internal) and a
 :| confederation EBGP peer (confederation-external) and will ALWAYS pick the
 :| external route, all other items above it in the selection list being
 :| equal.
 :| I've eliminated trying to increase the AS path, since it's ignored within
 :| the confederation.
 :| Setting the MED is the crux of the problem - I can set it "statically",
 :| but the idea is to make the whole confederation dynamic.  I want the
 :| confederation to work like a true "internet".  (Yes, I'm asking for the
 :| world...)
 :| -Andy

	Network Engineer,
	C&C Internet Service  mesh,  NEC Corporation, JAPAN
	[email protected],  [email protected]