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Re: BGP Confederation config problem...

  • From: MAEMURA Akinori
  • Date: Mon Mar 09 20:44:55 1998

 : Andy McConnell <[email protected]> wrote as below
 : at Mon, 9 Mar 1998 08:57:29 -0800 (PST) ;
 :| But it isn't considered IBGP within the confederation.  The router makes a
 :| distinction between routes learned from an IBGP peer (internal) and a
 :| confederation EBGP peer (confederation-external) and will ALWAYS pick the
 :| external route, all other items above it in the selection list being
 :| equal.
 :| I've eliminated trying to increase the AS path, since it's ignored within
 :| the confederation.
 :| Setting the MED is the crux of the problem - I can set it "statically",
 :| but the idea is to make the whole confederation dynamic.  I want the
 :| confederation to work like a true "internet".  (Yes, I'm asking for the
 :| world...)

Andy, I agree with you.  I run bgp-confederation in my 
network with IGP in each subAS independant.  In this case it
is helpful if ASpath length within confederation is 
considered as true eBGP. 

Now I set MED statically.  Thank you for information of "set
metric +/-[VALUE]" statement, I'll try it.

Nowaday, iBGP Reflecter is preferred to BGP Confederation.
When we use single IGP within AS, reflecter and 
confederation make little difference.  But confederation 
enable us to divide IGP into sub-ASes.  It may make sense
a lot.  And in such a network configuration, it is natural
that AS path length consideration while route selection is 

How do you like this idea??  Is it IDR topic?? 

 :| -Andy

	Network Engineer,
	C&C Internet Service  mesh,  NEC Corporation, JAPAN
	[email protected],  [email protected]