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Re: Local Exchanges?

  • From: Joel Sadler
  • Date: Mon Mar 09 19:15:51 1998

Agreed. As Sharif pointed out, there's really no reason to reinvent the
wheel. I've sent a note to Bill to see what we can work out. Guess I
should've approached this a different way, as all I'd like to do is have a
central location where people can get info about local exchanges. 

I have gotten 4 msgs from people that aren't listed on Bill's page tho, so
at least I've got something to add to his existing pages. 

Please follow-up to [email protected] 

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On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Steven Huter wrote:

> Joel Sadler wrote:
> > b. If there is no such list, I'd really like to get it started. 
> The Exchange Point info Bill Manning maintains also includes local IXs in 
> Asia, Africa, Middle East, ALyC, etc.
> It would be more helpful to just contribute to keeping those all of 
> those pages current.
> Regards,
> Steve Huter, NSRC