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Routing policies

  • From: Ben Buxton
  • Date: Mon Mar 09 18:21:11 1998

As some of you may not be aware, several traditional class A address
ranges have been allocated to various NICs who are then sub-allocating
them in blocks of /19. One of these is 61/8.

I've been allocated one of these (68.8.0/19), and have been trying to
get it routed properly on the net. However numerous providers filter
almost all of the class A space at /8, rendering these allocations
fairly useless.

I've mailed a couple of providers and they've kindly changed their
policies to allow for this.

Can all providers please update their filter policies to allow for these
/19 chunks? I know there is at least 24/8 and 61/8 but there may be

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