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More smurf fun

  • From: Dave Rand
  • Date: Sun Mar 08 14:17:54 1998

Here's the latest group of smurf-able networks.  Note some cool,
high-connectivity networks are on here, like Bay Networks.
At least one was still active on mae-west, if you can believe it.

I've filed trouble tickets with each of the network's NSP's that are on
here.  Operators, please check to see if a network you advertise is on this
list.  If it is, please set no ip directed broadcast on the lan interfaces
(or get your customers to do it, as appropriate).

Some of the phone calls were interesting.  Many of the NOC staff did not
know what a smurf attack was (so I explained it to them).  Many did not want
to set no ip directed-broadcast because they didn't know what it would do.
Most were helpful, however, called back in a timely fashion, and had
their interfaces  configured quickly.

Dave Rand
[email protected]