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Re: How to document threats from pro or anti spam terrorists?

  • From: NetSurfer
  • Date: Tue Feb 24 00:32:03 1998

I took a look at your main web pages and didn't see any reference to an
Acceptable Use Policy etc.  What is your policy on spamming from your net
or hosting spammers?  (Since you brought up the subject :-)

On Sat, 21 Feb 1998 [email protected] wrote:

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> Subject: How to document threats from pro or anti spam terrorists?
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> Is there any consensus on how to document threats from anti-spam
> or pro-spam terrorists in a legally usefull format? 
> This message is colored by just having received threats from one of
> the more violent anti-spammers. Apparently a client of one of our ISP
> clients sent out an advertisement for CPUs' or something like that.
> I went to the anti-spammer home page. Ouch. Its full about how
> guns are cool and usefull. What the benefits of *really* sharp knives
> are. Scary. Can't decide whether its a total psycho or just trying
> (with success) to project that image.
> As much as I personnally wish for SPAM to just go away, it has to
> be up to the legal system to sort that out.
> We don't do dialup, so I guess we haven't seen much of this yet. 
> There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and 
> nti-Spammers.
> Dirk

James D. Wilson
[email protected]