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Re: How to document threats from pro or anti spam terrorists?

  • From: Sean Finn
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 17:31:04 1998

At 12:57 PM 2/23/98 -0500, Barry Shein wrote:
> > There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and 
> > nti-Spammers.
>That's like saying people defending their properties are as bad as
>people they're defending against, that's moral confusion.

When an 'anti-spammer' compromises net access for a group of
people as a response to percieved "net abuse" on the part of
a single member of that group, that's a denial of service. 

The phrase 'using violence to prevent violence' comes to mind.

(I wouldn't say that my government uses 'moral confusion' to
justify it's practices, but ... ;)


This *is* an important, and troubling subject ... 

... but it's my intuition that nanog might not be the place
for this particular debate. 

(suggestions for a more appropriate forum?)

cheers -- Sean