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How to document threats from pro or anti spam terrorists?

  • From: dirk
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 11:54:37 1998

Is there any consensus on how to document threats from anti-spam
or pro-spam terrorists in a legally usefull format? 

This message is colored by just having received threats from one of
the more violent anti-spammers. Apparently a client of one of our ISP
clients sent out an advertisement for CPUs' or something like that.

I went to the anti-spammer home page. Ouch. Its full about how
guns are cool and usefull. What the benefits of *really* sharp knives
are. Scary. Can't decide whether its a total psycho or just trying
(with success) to project that image.

As much as I personnally wish for SPAM to just go away, it has to
be up to the legal system to sort that out.

We don't do dialup, so I guess we haven't seen much of this yet. 
There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and