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[non-op] APRICOT, Manila web cam and other helpful info

  • From: miguel a.l. paraz
  • Date: Wed Feb 18 22:58:07 1998


If you really must *see* your colleague in Manila, we have a 
Color Connectix here hooked up to a Linux box.  I'm currently setting it
up at  I'm using the non-realtime cqcam for
Red Hat/X and can do about a max of 5 pics per minute (currently
driving it at 1/minute).  Sorry, no sound cards available.  

If you want real videoconf, be prepared to pay a princely sum
(US$2/minute) for ISDN Manila-US, or, help me configure something that
runs on Win95/Linux/FreeBSD.  For DIYers, get in touch with me
to reserve some bandwidth (manually) on this line:

     ~ 300-500 copper circuit meters
Shangri-La------------PLDT PHiX------Intelsat---------Teleglobe
Hotel Manila   	      2 * 2 Mb/s     4 Mb/s    Lands at Vancouver, BC
		      <10 ms	     >600ms    Transit: Sprint/MCI/UU/?
			| 512 Kb/s, around 1 km away, <20ms
		  	IPHIL.NET (AS4743, but static at the moment)
			| 3 MB/s aggregate MCI

PLDT == Philippine Long Distance Telephone
PHiX == Yup, the telcos run the IXs here too

I'm doing some tests here with persistent HTTP/1.1 (probably with
Justin Newton if he comes by) and how it gives us a perceived
2x - 3x speedup (will see if we could roll the numbers later)  I'm
talking on this in a while (as well as a new way to look at the
whole caching business, unless someone douses cold water on me.  Basically
you want your 1000 customers to have a 20 MB cache each rather than
you maintain a 20 GB cache...)

If you want the whole thing with pictures, we could work up something
(ask your colleague to feed the IPhil Comms network engineering and
consulting groups, any pizza appreciated)

You can also check with me on the location of any particular person
and his state of connectivity, if I know him... APRICOT won't make the
reg database public, obviously.  ISP connections are around US$1/hour
(I can arrange one for you) but they usually need a ~US$30 non-refundable
fee if it's more than 5/10 hours.  GRIC/IPass have good local partners 


IPhil Communications Technology Group	+63-2-750-2288