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Broken Pipe errors with dialup users

  • From: Mark Tripod
  • Date: Wed Feb 18 11:29:47 1998

We are experiencing an intermittant problem where dial-up users that
access our customers web servers through our Sprint NAP connection get
"broken pipe" errors. This problem seems to appear with a greater
frequency with users that use Apple Macintoshs with MacTCP, although Win95
users have also complained of the same problem. With the Win95 users they
can change their local MTU setting to 1500 and the problem disappears.

We are connected to the Sprint NAP via a full duplex Fddi PA on a Cisco
7505. Anyone encountered this type of problem before? Any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated.

Off I go to dig into the packets and start testing :)


Mark Tripod
Senior Backbone Engineer
Exodus Communications