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Re: RA/RV Feeds from RBN

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Tue Feb 17 17:17:24 1998

Tony Li wrote:

> Vadim,
> I sympathize with all of your cogent comments when applied to multicasting
> in the large.  However, multicasting in the small, as practiced by certain
> ISPs seems to violate all of your assumptions and thus violates your
> conclusions.  A specific example is UUcast.  Comments?

There's always niche applications.  It is still silly to build a significant chunkof complexity into the core network just to carry insignificant amount of

Tunnels are our friends.


PS    I do not see how isolated network violates "all assumptions".  And i fail
          to see why the same functionality (and a lot more) couldn't be implemented
         in application-level host-based caches/mcast servers.

         There's no particular reason to drag these functions into core gateways.