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Re: Smurfing

  • From: Steve Hultquist
  • Date: Mon Feb 16 00:45:18 1998


--On Friday, February 13, 1998, 11:45 PM +0100 [email protected]

> getting Smurfing "under control" takes two things:
>  o All router administrators on the immediately reachable
>    Internet needs to turn off directed broadcasts on their router
>    interfaces.

>  o Making sure source IP address spoofing isn't as easily done as
>    it is now.  Also an easy one, right? ;-)

I agree, and this is what we have done. The earlier post (from someone else)
was asking about how to filter *outbound* directed broadcasts, and I didn't
understand how this could be done. A number of my NANOG colleagues have
adamantly agreed that it can't!

>  o While we struggle with the above two, at least some service
>    providers need to become more responsive in tracking these
>    sort of events back to their real source.  No names mentioned,
>    none forgotten.

Agreed. Would it make sense to come up with a cooperative mechanism for this
similar to CERT only faster?

>  o Lastly, I think that better tools are needed to track this
>    sort of attacks back to their source (?).

That would be very difficult, effectively requiring the ability to query
routers and ask if they are seeing packets bound for a specific address. I'd
love to see some tools that would help us do that, however!
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