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Re: Operational issue: Mae-west

  • From: Louis Lee
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 13:45:36 1998

Dave Rand wrote:

> The good folks at MFS, in their continuing attempted at making
> mae-west a more interesting place to attempt to peer, are doing yet
> more unscheduled upgrades.  The latest is their attempt to add more
> cross connected capacity in the form of an OC3 to giga5.  When they
> attempted this (in an unannounced upgrade this morning), of course
> everything melted, and we enjoyed packet loss up to 75% this morning
> to most of our peers.
> If anyone can get MFS's attention, could you please remind them about
> [email protected]?  It's a good way to let people at mae
> west know about what's going on.

We're told by MFS half an hour ago that the problem truck has been taken
out, and we have have stablility by 10:30 PST.  We're still asking for
a better answer.


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