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  • From: Steve Carter
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 12:39:45 1998

Thought this might interest some of you guys, especially those at CRL and 
one other fella...... >;)

BTW, I am the messenger, not the author.....


From: [email protected]
>Subject: beware of CRL! you are LOOSING EMAIL and LOOSING CONTACTS
>Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 00:21:26 -0600
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>Why C R L SUCKS AND YOU TOO SHOULD DROP THEM: 1) Your email address at
>CRL only works with the portion of the world THEY like. Did you know
>block off many servers and all of their users from being able to reach
>you because someone onced might have used that machine to send
>email? And they will NOT tell you this nor admit to it until you've
>mysteriously lost touch with your contacts and loved ones. A few
>examples: kiss your love ones goodbye from,,
> (this would be the entire nation for Taiwan). They say they
>doing this to fight spam, ironically a lot of spam is actually
>from CRL. More like kissing up to this self appointed Internet Lord
>Vixie who runs the Real Time Blackhole List (the list which does this
>emai censoring and blocking, with out any concern for end users'
>connectivity). This guy prettymuch figured he has the power to decide
>you can and can not get email from. And they are banking on you NOT
>FINDING OUT about it. And guess what, my spam has not decreased, but
>actually increased since they used this none-selective block.. they did
>managed to cut me off from my important contacts, but not spam. 2) Try
>it. Their Dial up in San Francisco and Southbay hang up on you or do
>answer 70% of the time during prime time and 50% during off peak (this
>was my experience, not scientific.. but still). They refuse to upgrade
>beyond 28.8k (spending all the money they made on the fat corporate job
>hogs). 3) Tech support? What tech support? When I confronted them about
>the missing email they actually yelled at me (after 10-15 emails to get
>response, phone calls? forget it..) and told me it was my contacts'
>that they subscribed to the "bad, bad spamming company for ISP). Imagin
>if your phone company told you you can not get calls from your mom
>because she lives in an area with a phone company they did not like..
>Since when did CRL figure out dictatorship was in again? 4)They will
>cancel your service and will keep on charging your credit card... Many
>other users complained about this, it was even mentioned in PC
>ISP review. There are many more reasons why they bite, but I really do
>not want to waste my energy over those bastards anymore. I am actually
>the last of my associates to drop their service because I do not want
>change my email and web address for the sake of business (I've already
>spent a lot on printing them on all kinds of materials). Face it, CRL
>gotten fat off of it's customers, now it is screwing them. The email
>block was what really did it. How would you like a phone service
>(especially for business) that can only take calls from a PART of the
>country and the world? Email me if you want to start a class action
>lawsuit against them.
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