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Re: Inexperienced Seeks Partner

  • From: Chrisy Luke
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 07:50:21 1998

31337 h4ck3r wrote (on Feb 13):
> Dear Peering Co-Ordinators or your respective NSPs.  I have been 
> researching peering policies and current peering infrastructure and I 
> want to contact you to make you aware of my offerings.  Five of my 
> friends and I have a dialup connection to 5 exchange points.  We are 
> using 33.6 US Robotics Sportster Win-Modems with a linux box running 
> gated.  We are applying for our own ASN, and we expect to get it soon. 

Ludicrous as it sounds, I wonder just how long it would take to download
a full routing table from, say, two providers and a large number of
peer's local routes over a few 33.6's...

I'd hate to see it when they restart gated. :-)

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