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Inexperienced Seeks Partner

  • From: 31337 h4ck3r
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 06:59:27 1998

Dear Peering Co-Ordinators or your respective NSPs.  I have been 
researching peering policies and current peering infrastructure and I 
want to contact you to make you aware of my offerings.  Five of my 
friends and I have a dialup connection to 5 exchange points.  We are 
using 33.6 US Robotics Sportster Win-Modems with a linux box running 
gated.  We are applying for our own ASN, and we expect to get it soon. 

 Our content includes 2 irc servers, (one on efnet and the other on 
undernet) and a web farm that serves 0 day warez and login/passwds for 
over 1,000 porn sites.  I think that we have higher quality content and 
audience than most other companies dream of.  Peering with us will 
assure that your customers get the best possible connectivity to what is 
obviously the creme brulee' of the internet.  

We currently have connections at the Baltimore Nap, New York Nap, Boston 
MAE g-Nap and the Latin Internet Exchange.  Also, Could someone from 
Agis contact me ASAP?  I believe we finally met your peering 

Thank you for your time, great apostles of the Internet, who were there 
when the commandments(RFCs) were written, and when Jesus, (Vint Cerf) 
still walked among the living (engineers).  I am expectantly looking 
forward to your peering requests.

Thank you for your time.  Yours Sincerely,

Chuck U. Farley

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