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Re: ISP (dialup) for SE Asia?

  • From: John R. Levine
  • Date: Thu Feb 12 23:47:21 1998
  • Newsgroups: local.nanog

>Can anyone recommend an ISP(s) which can do local dialup in SE Asia,
>specifically Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea?

IBM has dialups in Taipei and Seoul, they're probably as good a place
to start as any.  IBM has an unusually simple billing structure -- you
pay the rates that apply for the country where you're billed
regardless of where you actually dial in, which makes it an excellent
deal for US residents who travel internationally.  (They're the only
dial-up ISP account that I pay for.)

Singapore Telecom is the monopoly telecom supplier in Singapore, and
the last I heard the only internet connections there were from them or
their resellers.  And you have to use their filtered web proxy.

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