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Re: Broken domain statistics...

  • From: John-David Childs
  • Date: Thu Feb 12 14:43:04 1998

On Thursday February 12, 1998, Phillip Vandry <[email protected]>
 had this to say about "Re: Broken domain statistics...":

> > > Tons of people have used our domain name servers without permission.
> > 
> > I periodically audit the zones which claim to be served here.  For those
> > which have been delegated lamely, I create a *primary* zone
> How do you find them all? You could check your DNS logs for lame
> delegations and collect a list, but that's not all that great.

You can find the first 256 domains registered to your DNS by using the

	whois "server <server-handle>"  where server-handle is the handle
	assigned to your DNS host by InterNIC.

> I agree that the Internic should check nameservers before putting up a
> domain, even though it's more resource intensive. In addition to
> controlling speculators, it might just prevent or at least detect
> honest mistakes.

In the latest domain-dispute policy to go into effect on the 25th,
the document states in part:

8.The requirement for operational service from two DNS servers has been

> The CA-Domain registration authority used to do this but I don't think
> they do it anymore.
> While they're at it, I should be able to NAK a registration or domain
> modification so that it is cancelled if I don't want it on my nameservers.

Except for the fact that BEFORE-USE still hasn't been implemented :(

In fact, I've often received the "Please ACK/NAK this request" letter
*AFTER* receiving a message saying "Registration for the domain name shown
below has been completed."  NAK's rarely work in these cases unless I make
a phone call to stop it.

> -Phil

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