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Re: Media query: ATM

  • From: James Glave
  • Date: Thu Feb 12 11:22:25 1998


Not to put too fine a point on it, but the nanog archives weren't really a
solution for me because I needed quotes from people on the ATM issue,
quotes that I could use in my story. Would you have preferred if I had
cribbed someone's old nanog post without their permission, which is what I
would have needed to do given the reality of news deadlines? I don't think
so. I also was seeking reaction to Mr. Feldman's comment, which the
archives would obviously not offer.

Unlike many of my colleagues in the computer trade press, I am rabid about
sourcing and accuracy. Thankfully, a number of people on the nanog list
were very helpful in this regard.


James Glave
Wired News

At 02:52 PM 2/11/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Not to put too fine a point on it, but this has been discussed in endless
>detail on the Nanog archive.  I remember a day when reporters did research
>but, I guess we are seeing the least common denominator once again.
>In message <[email protected]>, James Glave
>>Hi all,
>>I lurked on this morning's state of the net presentation, and I'd like to
>>do a short piece on it for Wired News ( The MAE
>>"fragility" and transition to ATM seems a contentious issue with many in
>>the audience. Is there someone on the list who would like to offer their
>>perspective on this, especially Mr. Feldman's observation in the Q&A that
>>"the gigaswitch has reached the end of its useful life."
>>What, briefly, is the controversy around moving to ATM for high-bandwidth
>>data needs? If you reply, please do so with the assumption that I may quote
>>you for publication. Thanks for your time,

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