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Real Networks and NANOG

  • From: Geoff White
  • Date: Wed Feb 11 03:40:04 1998

I was really looking forward to tuning into today's proceedings via my
Real Player. Unfortunately this didn't happen for various reasons. Even
though the MBONE was buggy at times, I could still manage to hear the
speakers that I was interested in.  I feel that we need to give Real
networks a chance, after all they do have some "running code" and the
shear number of players out there could be considered some form of "rough
consensus",(yes and I know NANOG is not the IETF :)  but what worries me
is that with the MBONE, I or some of my collegues can "lend a hand " if
the stuff isn't working, knowledgable people can rip into the code and
maybe come up with a temporary fix or at least learn enough that the "next
time" will be better.  Perhapse Progressive Networks will take the not too
subtle hint that today's performance provides and realize that they can't
go it alone if they really want to scale to the size that I think they
want to.  There are folks out here that can help and are willing to help
but maybe first PN needs to come down of their high horse and get somewhat
of a clue.

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