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Re: woo hoo!

  • From: Phil Howard
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 16:56:31 1998

Tim Salo writes...

> > From: Alex Rubenstein <[email protected]>
> > 
> > What are the facts? 
> Who cares?
> Or, perhaps more precisely, whose business is it anyway?

I agree.  There could be any number of reasons someone leaves in a few
weeks.  Unfortunately, the traditional interview process is not all that
good in making a judgement on the match.  In most of them, judging the
employee candidate seems to take precendent over judging the organization.
In the best interviews I've been to, I get to meet one or two levels up
from my potential manager, and most or all my peers.  I get a chance to
judge them as well as they get a chance to judge me to see if we can make
a team.  Such an interview takes all day.  Unfortunately most companies
are so swamped with candidates bearing inflated resumes that they have to
interview dozens of potential candidates and good interviewing just does
not take place.  And just because one individual doesn't like the place
doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it.  And employers make mistakes
about employees, too, at times.  It is an imperfect process and its failure
should not be used to judge either side.

> These mail lists are hardly the appropriate place to discuss the
> personnel matters of any organization.


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